Phoebe Man “Free Coloring IF I Were” series 文晶瑩「釋色如果我是」系列 (2018-2021)

Responding to #MeToo movement, Phoebe Man made a series of art work.

– 2018 Jan “Free Coloring If I Were” Around 230 people joined this socially-engaged art responding to the #MeToo Movement. Imagine with empathy if they were a victim, a perpetrator and a bystander.

– 2018 June A number of workshops were conducted in Hong Kong. Phoebe Man was invited to conduct workshops in Taiwan.

– 2019 “If . Garden” Audience colored flowers were transformed to an installation and works of audience were showed at the same time.

– 2020 “Free Coloring If I Were” II was showed in Post #MeToo Art Exhibition. The works of previous participants were arranged to an installation and viewers could still participate and added on it.

– 2021 “Post #MeToo” animation connected coloring pages of the audience. It was shown in film festivals and exhibitions in United States, Taiwan, Argentina and Colombia etc.

– 2021 “Free Coloring If I Were” III installation was showed in AMA Museum for Peace and Women’s Human Rights in Taipei. The work includes the audience’s previous creations, a combination of hexagonal interlocking pattern and “Post #MeToo” animation.

回應 #MeToo 運動,文晶瑩做了一系列作品。

– 2018年1月 “釋色如果我是” 約230人參與這個社會交往式作品,以同理心回應#MeToo運動,想像自己如果是受害人、侵犯者、旁觀者。

– 2018年6月 文晶瑩在展覽期間做了多個工作坊,6月獲邀到台灣舉行工作坊

– 2019 觀眾的作品轉化成裝置“如果. 花園”。他們的作品同時在場地展出。

– 2020 “釋色如果我是” II 在 後 #MeToo展覽重新組合與觀眾互動展出, .

– 2021 觀眾的作品轉化成 “Post #MeToo” 動畫 。在美國、台灣、阿根廷、哥倫比亞等地的電影節和展覽中放映。

-2021“釋色如果我是” III 在台北的阿嬤家-和平與女性人權館展出,作品包括觀眾之前的創作,組合成六角形環環相扣的圖案和“Post #MeToo” 動畫